Welcome to Friends of South Georgia Island

Friends of South Georgia Island is a non-profit organisation in the USA dedicated to raising funds for the conservation of the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia.


This Colorado non-profit corporation has been granted 501 (c)(3) status and is affiliated with the South Georgia Heritage Trust (www.sght.org), a Scottish registered charity. 

Our projects

The Habitat Restoration Project aims to rid South Georgia of the highly damaging invasive rats and mice which were unwittingly brought to the island by successive generations of sealers and whalers since the late 18th century. Those rodents have subsequently done huge damage to the island's wildlife, principally destroying the eggs and chicks of many of the smaller ground-nesting bird species, some of which, like the South Georgia Pipit and South Georgia Pintail, are endemic to the island.

Map of South Georgia
This flyer shows all of the infested areas of South Georgia still to be cleared of rats, and how mcuh we need to raise to clear each area
Geographic sectors yet to fundraise for.[...]
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About us

South Georgia Museum

If you're interested in our work and would like to support us, read about us and  the conservation work we hope to contribute to on South Georgia.